Special Interest Group
Seminar on Intellectual Property, Global Practices and Patent Laws
Date : 03-Feb-2012
Venue : Bangalore
Highlights of the Activity :
ABLE, in association with K&S Partners conducted a workshop on the subject of 'Intellectual Property, Global Practices and Patent Laws'. The event was held on 3rd February 2012 at GoldFinch hotel, Bangalore. The primary objective of this workshop was to provide an update on global developments happening in the area of Intellectual Property Law. The sessions were facilitated by Global experts Mr. Robert M. Siminski from USA, Mr. Erik Scheuermann from Europe, Mr. Aaron Hurvitz from China and Mr. Ravi Bhola from India. Around 30 participants from various branches of Biotechnology participated and made this program highly interactive and informative. The speakers provided in depth analyses and case studies to provide better understanding of new laws, proposals and procedures on IPR. They also shared information on systems and methods involved in registering IP in US, Europe, China and in India. The sessions were followed by Q and A session and Networking Lunch.
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