DBT calls for applications under Newton-Bhabha PhD placement program

2017-06-06 06:08:50

Newton Fund India in partnership with DST and DBT is offering opportunity for UK and Indian PhD scholars to spend a period of their study in Indian and UK higher education institutionsBy Team ABLEOn behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, India and the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy, UK, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), the Department of Science and Techno

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Farmers of 136 districts of 16 states responded positively on Soil Health Card

2017-06-06 05:40:25

Soil Health Card helps in increasing the productivity and reduced the cost of production 93% samples for Soil Health Card tested so far. By Team ABLESoil Health Card was initiated for farmers and it has made a huge difference to farming and farm produce. It has helped in increasing the productivity and reduced the cost of production. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had inaugurated the

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Health Minister Nadda releases National Health Mission CRM Report

2017-06-06 05:38:41

Appreciating the Common Resource Mission, Minister Nadda believes that it is unique, as districts and states not only show case their best practices, but are also forthcoming about their challenges. By Team ABLEAt a recently held function for the dissemination of 10th Common Review Mission (CRM) report of the National Health Mission, Union Health Minister J P Nadda said that ensuring quality of he

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Festival of Genomics Returns to San Diego —Genomics Wonderland

2017-06-02 09:42:00

The Festival of Genomics will be held in San Diego from June 26 to 27, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center.By Team ABLEFront Line Genomics has announced that the Festival of Genomics will return to San Diego from June 26 to 27, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center.The Festival of Genomics is a global experience, taking place throughout the year in London, San Diego and Boston. Now in its th

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Nativis discovers bio-electronic method for increased biofuel from algae

2017-06-02 09:40:28

Nativis has discovered a novel bio-electronic method to boost biofuel production from algaeBy Team ABLENativis, an US-based clinical stage life science bio-electronic company developing non-invasive, safe and highly effective treatments for cancers and other serious diseases, announced the use of the same technology to inhibit a key enzyme in algae. The paper entitled “Non-Thermal Radio Fre

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A new NIH-funded research could aid fight against tuberculosis

2017-06-02 09:32:14

NIH researchers have shown that a single protein allows mycobacteria to generate diverse populations that can avoid TB drugs. The protein may be a target for intervention and may help shorten TB treatment By Team ABLESubgroups of tuberculosis (TB)-causing bacteria can persist even when antibiotics wipe out most of the overall population. The need to eliminate these persistent subpopulations i

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IIT Kharagpur announces nanobiotechnology course

2017-06-02 09:27:46

The course will offer nanotechnology and elucidate its importance and then will demonstrate how it is being used to improve medical diagnostics and therapeuticsBy Team ABLEThis is a multi-disciplinary course discussing about the current and plausible applications of micro/nanotechnology and microfluidics in the field of healthcare with primary objective to enhance the knowledge of engineering, sci

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Chiltern acquires Japanese CRO company Integrated Development Associates

2017-06-02 09:23:57

This acquisition opens opportunities for Japanese companies to enter a wider market by relying on Chiltern’s global expertise and connections.By Team ABLELeading global contract research organization Chiltern has acquired Integrated Development Associates(IDA), a CRO specializing in integrating Japan and Asia into global drug development.With staff based in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, IDA h

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Indian, Australian experts discuss the future of digital health in India

2017-06-02 09:19:13


Australian and Indian health experts, policymakers, and business came together to discuss the solutions required in advances in medical health and digital technologies

By Team ABLE

The George Institute for Global Health, in partnership with the Australian High Commission, held a Digital Healt

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DCGI releases reminder notice on submission of Phase IV Clinical Trial Protocols for FDC products

2017-06-02 09:11:05

As per the Notice the manufacturers are required to submit the Phase IV Clinical Trial Protocol for their FDC Products.By Team ABLEThe CDSCO (DCGI) has given a Notice on 17/06/2016 ordering the manufacturers to submit the Phase IV Clinical Trial Protocols for their FDC Products. This Notice was issued in accordance with the Suggestions given after consultations with Expert Committee by CDSCO. As p

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