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BIRAC announces 13th special call for proposals under PACE

This is a call for proposals for developing novel tools/technologies/processes and product optimization/scale up of Anti Snake Venom
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By Team ABLE

Snake bite is a common and frequently devastating environmental and occupational disease, especially in rural areas of tropical developing countries and is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and disabilities every year.

The World Health Organisation has added snakebite to the list of Neglected Tropical Diseases in 2009.

India is estimated to have the highest snakebite mortality in the world. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates place the number of bites to be 83,000 per annum with 11,000 deaths. India therefore contributes to a significant proportion of global snake bite deaths.

Considering the above and other issues related to snake bite problem in India, BIRAC has invited proposals (under SBIRI/BIPP/PACE) for developing novel tools/technologies/processes pertaining to snake bite problem and product optimization/Scale-up on “Anti Snake Venom (ASV)”.

This call is to seek individual applications on either of the following:
1. Development of Novel and alternate ways of ASV production.
2. Development of new diagnostics kits for the identification of the snake biting species.
3. Characterization, evaluation and validation facility for ASV (Under BIPP, Category IV only).
Scope of the Call: The scope of the call will focus on cost effective, novel and innovative approaches.

The focus is on generating ASV with better product profiles and greater cost effectiveness than current products in market.

This call seeks proposals to accelerate production of ASV with increased potency.
This call will support the various stages of an ASV development including, proof concept establishment, preclinical development, product manufacturing and human clinical trials. Applicants may also request funds for production of clinical grade (manufactured Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines) ASV production.
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