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Georgia Bio to bestow Zywie Founder Latha Ganeshan with 2017 Innovation Award

The Innovation Award will be presented to Latha Ganeshan, CEO and Founder of Zywie, for her innovation in cardiac remote monitoring device.

By Team ABLE

Georgia Bio has announced the recipients for the Innovation Award. The Innovation Award will be presented to Latha Ganeshan, CEO and Founder of Zywie; Robert Ivarie of University of Georgia/Synageva; Matthew Lyon and David Munn of Augusta University.

Georgia Bio is the state’s life science industry association whose members include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, medical centers, universities and research institutes, government groups and other business organizations involved in the development of life sciences related products and services.

The Georgia Innovation Award honors the department, institution, company or individuals who are forging new ground by thinking outside traditional paradigms to create some unique technology.

Latha Ganeshan is being recognized for her leadership at Zywie and the commercialization of a technology that is revolutionizing cardiac remote monitoring with its innovative solution that improves patient care and value to the physician. ZywiePro, the next-generation cardiac remote monitoring solution, leverages mobile and cloud technology to facilitate detection of cardiovascular arrhythmias in patients in a more timely, accurate and cost-effective manner than alternative monitoring solutions allow.

Ganeshan is a successful entrepreneur with strong leadership and management skills. She has expertise in creating mission critical and time sensitive enterprise applications, including world class medical software systems that process nuclear and echo cardiac images for accurate diagnosis. Prior to starting Zywie, she has worked with companies including, Equifax, ChoicePoint (LexisNexis), Scientific Atlanta (Cisco), and Digital Design Medical Systems. She holds a B.S. in Electronics and Telecommunications, a M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia State University, and an M.B.A. from Emory University.