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Dovetail Genomics names Prema Life Sciences as India distributor

Dovetail’s tools are used to generate accurate chromosome scale genome assemblies

By Team ABLE

California-based Dovetail Genomics LLC, which offers genomic products and services, expanded its growing international distribution network by signing additional partnerships in India,Australia,New Zealand,Taiwan,China,Thailand and Vietnam. 

Dovetail’s tools are used to generate accurate chromosome scale genome assemblies, identify large structural variants in previously unmappable regions, and map out TAD (Topologically Associated Domains) Structures to better understand gene regulation and its influence on human disease and disease progression.

Dovetail has partnered with Premas Life Sciences in India; Millennium Science in Australia/New Zealand; Genomics Bioscience in Taiwan; Ultravision Technology and Shanghai Biozeron Biotechnology inChina; Bio-Active in Thailand; and Biomedic Science Material in Vietnam.

\"Expanding our global reach through strong regional partners is key to our strategy as we continue to advance our long-range genomics product and service offerings into human translational research and eventually clinical research markets. With these new partnerships, we will be able to facilitate access to our unique solutions and better serve our valued customers worldwide,\" said Veronica Mankinen, Dovetail VP of Commercial Operations.