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Green Chemistree Foundation organizes Workshop on Bio-catalysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

It is a 2-Day Conference Expo Workshop on Bio-catalysis in Pharmaceutical Industry - Advancing Implementation of Green Chemistry & Engineering in Indian Pharma Industry.

One technology that has become a central part of Green Chemistry is “Bio-catalysis”. The use of enzymes has immediate advantages in turning a chemical process green. It is becoming well established globally the emerging relevance of “Bio-catalysis” as a tool and an enabler for accelerating Green Chemistry applications, particularly in the process-intensive sectors as the Pharma Industry.

The use of Bio-catalysis in the pharmaceutical industry is expanding as a result of increased access to enzymes and the ability to engineer those enzymes to meet the demands of industrial processes. The objective of this Workshop is to further explore this real-time potential, expand its technical understanding, learn from successful case-studies and explore relevant bio-catalytic solutions vis-à-vis the Pharma API Industry’s challenges and requirements.  

Expected Audience: Group Leaders, R&D Managers, Senior Scientists, Senior Chemists, Process Development Scientists

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