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Novo Nordisk supported National Insulin Summit congregates 300 experts in diabetes treatment

The National Insulin Summit, conducted by Diabetes Research Society (DIABAID) and supported by Novo Nordisk was held at Hyderabad on September 10th.

By Team ABLE

The National Insulin Summit, conducted by Diabetes Research Society (DIABAID) and supported by Novo Nordisk, the world leader in diabetes care, was held and inaugurated by endocrinologists at Hyderabad on September 10th.

Dr.AK Das, National Convener, 12th NIS,said, “Indians are genetically predisposed towards diabetes. A high carb diet, obesity due to life style changes and the impact of urbanization and globalization have led to a rapid rise of diabetes in India. In India, almost 58% of people with diabetes remain undetected.Hence, many patients have micro-vascular and macro-vascular complications present already at the time of diagnosis. The theme of this NIS was \'Impacting diabetes together\'. I am hopeful that the medical professionals gathered here will leverage this opportunity to update themselves about the latest medical advances in diabetes therapy and insulin. The need of the hour is to join the fight against diabetes for a healthy India.\"

The organizers say that the 12th edition of the National Insulin Summit (NIS) was special, as for the first time a patient interaction session was held by ace cricketer Anil Kumble. Two people with diabetes - a seven-year-old child with type 1 diabetes and a 70-year-old adult with type 2 diabetes for over 3 decades - shared their life story and how they overcame challenges associated with diabetes.

Sharing his experience as ‘changing diabetes’ ambassador, Anil Kumble said, ‘Over the last 1.5 years, I have been fortunate to have met real-life champions who are living with diabetes with a smile. It\'s inspiring to see these people managing their diabetes well.”

The NIS with congregation of more than 300 experts in the field of diabetes from across India, saw discussions, deliberations and presentations on various aspects of diabetes management and insulin therapy.

Commenting about the event, Melvin D\'souza, Managing Director, Novo Nordisk India, said, \"Novo Nordisk is committed towards creating awareness about diabetes and enabling people with diabetes best-in-class quality medication. And with over 72 million people with diabetes in India, we recognize there is a need for stakeholders to collectively address this emergency. The National Insulin Summit is the right platform for doctors to come together to deliberate the advancements in diabetes care treatment and best practices. We are happy to support DIABAID in their initiative of creating a platform to ideate, debate and share scientific updates on diabetes.\"