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Frost & Sullivan to organize GIL summit in California; hype in healthcare to be debated

Frost’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Summit,to be held from October 1st to 4th, 2018,is expected to provide insights on mega trends, cutting-edge technologies and new business models in healthcare.

By Team ABLE

Frost & Sullivan\'s Growth, Innovation and Leadership 2018 North America Summit at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, California,will reveal how to capitalize on a bounty of growth opportunities and new ideas to create sustainable growth and deliver customer value in healthcare. 

The summit, to be held from October 1st to 4th, 2018,will also provide insights on mega trends, cutting-edge technologies and new business models.

With fast-paced technological evolution, the healthcare industry will see advances in genetic editing, personalized medicine, and smart hospitals, providing better outcomes and cost savings. Frost & Sullivan expects artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing to generate more than $150 billion in savings for the healthcare industry by 2025.

\"To obtain a competitive advantage, healthcare companies should be aware of major participants in the global AI for healthcare IT market and how they are innovating in this space,” said Greg Caressi, Transformational Health Senior Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, who will conduct the industry Think Tank. “Any business leader passionate about healthcare should come to discover the regional market trends in AI and the global industry dynamics. The event will bring to light how much grow this expected and which are the important business model considerations for healthcare stakeholders and providers.”

Greg Caressi further said, “Join an outstanding group of healthcare thought leaders, including Frost & Sullivan\'s global team,during the Transformational Health Think Tank,on Oct. 2,2018,from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.Discuss and brainstorm drug delivery devices,AI, cloud computing, smart home, connected care, remote patient monitoring,chronic disease management,and post-acute care with exclusive presentations, a case study and interactive panels.” 

“This summit will reveal the big players in the smart homes billion-dollar market,key companies to watch, and new business models that can be leveraged in this space,” notes Reenita Das, Transformational Health Partner and Senior Vice President at Frost & Sullivan. “This is an outstanding opportunity for healthcare stakeholders to explore what an ideal smart home delivering care looks like and the future evolution trends using technologies such as home automation, voice virtual assistants,and analytics.”

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