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Collaborative Drug Discovery signs distribution agreement with Zastra Innovations

Zastra Innovations will distribute CDD’s Vault, a chemistry and biology data management platform for drug discovery.

By Team ABLE

US-based Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc. (CDD). The informatics solutions provider for drug discovery research has announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Zastra Innovations. The agreement allows Zastra to sell CDD Vaultin India. 

CDD Vault enables scientists working in academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract research organizations (CRO) to store, mine, analyze and securely share their chemistry and biology data.

CDD Vault helps scientists register chemicals, track inventory, manage bioassay data, capture experiments, calculate Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR), and mine their drug discovery data through the discovery lifecycle. CDD Vault is also an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) so scientists can easily capture experimental results, unstructured data and much more. It enables the seamless and secure storage and exchange of data, facilitating true collaborative research.

Dr Girinath Pillai added, \"Zastra\'s vision is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of software and services to leading pharmaceutical, contract research organizations, research institutes and academics in India. We are very pleased to add CDD Vault to our catalogue of products and services as they are leading providers in collaborative data management platforms for research.\"

\"We are very pleased to extend our relationship with Zastra though this agreement,\" said Dr Barry Bunin, CEO of CDD \"Our partnership with Zastra will accelerate our expansion in India. We believe that research teams using CDD Vault across India will immediately reap the benefits of a local team both for questions and support.\"